Europcar Pay Drivers £38 million Compensation

Europcar UK has been found guilty of systemically inflating the cost of repairs through secret rebates with suppliers. This is clearly defrauding unsuspecting drivers.

Europcar customers who fell victim to fraudulent charges for repairs on hire cars will receive compensation as the company has set aside £38 million to repay them.

Up to half a million drivers were fraudulently charged inflated prices for repairing scrapes and other damage and will be reimbursed by the company.

Leicester City Trading Standards is still investigating the car hire firm over their actions.

Europcar’s UK division made a pre-tax loss last year of $40.3 million after setting aside £47 million to deal with the investigation. In the previous year it made a profit of £13.1 million.

A Europcar spokesman has said that the company is undertaking a thorough investigation and Europcar UK is fully cooperating with the authorities”.

Well done whoever spotted the scam and it’s certainly cost Europcar a lot of money.

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