Dark Web Pricelist

The Dark Web is the name for websites and services on the Internet that are hidden. You cannot find them on Google or other normal search engines – only on ones for criminal purposes or if you have the direct URL.

On the Dark Web, people buy and sell assorted criminal products and services such as selling stolen credit cards, providing ransomware as a service, facilities to send out mass scam emails etc.

It’s a bad place filled with bad people.

Below are some example prices charged for stolen information, credit cards etc. as found by researchers in October 2020

Category Product
Credit Card Data  
Cloned Mastercard with PIN $15
Cloned American Express with PIN $35
Cloned VISA with PIN $25
Credit card details, account balance up to $1000 $12
Credit card details, account balance up to $5000 $20
Stolen online banking logins, minimum $100 on account $35
Stolen online banking logins, minimum $2000 on account $65
Walmart account with credit card attached $10
Payment processing services  
Stolen PayPal account details, minimum $100 $198.56
Western Union transfer from stolen account, above $1000 $98.15
Forged documents  
US driving license, average quality $70
US driving license, high quality $550
Auto insurance card $70
AAA emergency road service membership card $70
Wells Fargo bank statement $25
US, Canada, or Europe passport $1500
Europe national ID card $550


If you have any experiences with these scams do let me know, by email.

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