Carol’s Story of Dealing with Lloyd Loom of Spalding


A guest post by Carol.

I was looking to buy some bedroom furniture – a bedside table and a couple of other items.  I knew the name Lloyd Loom was a good British make and searched on the Internet for what I wanted.

I found a supplier (Lloyd Loom of Spalding) with stock and chose the items. I received an invoice online and paid by bank transfer (nearly £1,000). This felt safe as the “company” has a good reputation.

I did speak with the supplier and he seemed very helpful. He could deliver to Cornwall without any problem. He sent a set of swatches so I could pick the exact colour I wanted.

Over the next period, I received regular updates from the supplier but no furniture. There was no difficulty contacting him and I still believed the furniture would arrive.

But it didn’t.

I had paid by bank transfer and the bank tried to recover the money but the account had been emptied and I wasn’t able to get any money back.


Below is an update by Wikipedia.

Lloyd Loom of Spalding Ltd. and Lloyd Loom Weave Ltd., a subsidiary, entered Creditors voluntary liquidation at Companies House in February 2016. The factory in Wardentree Lane, Pinchbeck, was emptied under the instruction of company director Anthony Draxler just before Christmas 2015, with production machinery then apparently shipped to Romania.

Staff who have been laid off say they are owed up to 14 weeks’ wages and some ex-workers claim agreed redundancy terms have not been settled.

Several firms are owed money by Lloyd Loom Furniture Ltd – a subsidiary of Lloyd Loom of Spalding.

Lloyd Loom Furniture Ltd. was placed under a HMRC Winding up Petition and is now in liquidation.

A police investigation has been undertaken into Anthony Draxler due to unfulfilled customer orders. A Lincolnshire Police spokesman said: “There is an enquiry under way in relation to this business and an individual involved with it.”

As of 20 January 2016 a new company Lloyd Loom Spalding Limited was registered at Companies House.

BE WARNED Anthony Draxler is believed to be behind this latest venture.

Please note that Lloyd Loom is a style of furniture making and that there are other Lloyd Loom companies that are respectable and have no connection with Anthony Draxler and his companies.

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  1. K says:

    “Hi Carol, I’m very sorry to hear that you have had dealings with Lloyd Loom of Spalding and Anthony Draxler. I work within the Lloyd Loom industry so wanted to leave you a reply. I am sure that this will not be of any consolation to you, but I have spoken to many, many other people in exactly the same position as yourself who have paid LLOS a full payment by bank transfer (note ‘bank transfer’ – not by credit or debit card. Sadly everyone else fell into this trap like yourself, believing LLOS to be a well established and trust worthy company). More often than not, thousands has been lost by individual people and I have had to break the news to a number of people who haven’t fully understood the entire situation and that they were highly unlikely to receive anything from Lloyd Loom of Spalding.

    Upsettingly, Mr Draxler has not yet seen any consequences for his actions and is actually behind a new venture and website (still under the, previously used by Lloyd Loom of Spalding) but this new company is named ‘Lloyd Loom The Original’ (registered as ‘Lloyd Loom Originals’ with companies house) and so is still trading and taking money. The website claims to be supplying Lloyd Loom of Spalding and Accente Lloyd Loom furniture – both of these companies have gone into liquidation, therefore neither name should be being used. Worse, the website is showing furniture designs which would be virtually impossible to produce now (with Draxler at the helm, please actually read IMPOSSIBLE). If anyone happens to read this who is thinking about buying from ‘Lloyd Loom Originals’, please reconsider!

    Mr Draxler is hurting the Lloyd Loom industry and reputation and though Wikipedia does state this (as mentioned above), I would like to reiterate, ‘Lloyd Loom’ is the method of making the furniture and other Lloyd Loom companies are not connected with Anthony Draxler in any way.

    The MP for Spalding, John Hayes has been very helpful in offering support and advice to those who have lost money to LLOS and a case is currently being gathered by a reporter, we are keeping our fingers crossed that what has been happening will be reported nationwide to stop others from falling into the same troubles.

    I genuinely hope that there will be a point where people who have lost their money can receive compensation, but until then, please be very careful who you give your money to and always be cautious. when full payment by cash or back transfer is the ONLY method of payment being offered.”

  2. Bob Pitman says:

    I wonder if you may be able to help me.

    Our trading division Quintessential Interior Design appears to have been scammed by Tony from

    Though the sum involved isn’t life-threatening I don’t like the thought of writing off £1,119 without at least trying to recover it.

    All and any help or advice greatly appreciated.

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