Bill Gates Buys Farmland

Bill Gates is one of the richest people on the planet through owning shares in the company Microsoft which he started.

He resigned from running Microsoft some years ago to spend time on world-wide problems such as deaths from malaria, vaccine development, increasing food production and much more.

When the Coronavirus pandemic hit, Bill and his wife Melinda spent billions of their own fortune on vaccine development and ensuring people across the world would have access to the vaccines.

A lot of anti-vax people spread malicious rumours that he was creating vaccines containing RFID chips – the sort you get on clothes in shops to track inventory so that he could track people across the world.

This is obviously rubbish but some people will believe any conspiracy without the slightest shred of evidence.

Many scammers also jumped on this bandwagon of attacking Bill Gates and now are spreading lies about why he’s buying farmland.

whenever someone seizes so much control of our food, they decide who eats and who doesn’t.”

Simple lies again, to get people to click to watch a ludicrous video clip for which the scammer gets paid.

Believing conspiracy stories is for the weak minded.

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