Who Called Me?

who_are_you_graphicIf you’re getting cold calls and want to know who they are from then this website may have the answer. who-called.co.uk

You type in the phone number and see who it is. Sometimes, as they don’t have all the numbers  used by cold callers.

The website also lists recent numbers people checked up on and lists some recent scams you should be aware of.

Many cold callers block their ID so you can’t know the number they are calling from, but if you have the type of phone that lets you block callers – then block all calls where the caller ID is withheld.

Or alternatively, a simple remedy to caller withheld is just don’t answer the call.

There are other website that also let you do reverse telephone number lookups, such as





So, if you want to know who’s calling you and they won’t say – then try one of these websites.

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