White Powder Supercharges Your Morning

This scam email is in the form of a story.

A story of how taking a drink each morning of a special white powder with water will turn your day into an energy filled wonder.

The magic stuff is on sale for just one penny per bag currently but only to special customers like me.

Further on in the story the powder is described as being unrefined sea salt, which makes no sense as sea salt is refined from sea water – that’s how you get the stuff.

The story goes on about how everyone is lacking salt and that causes anxiety and fatigue and wears out your kidneys and so on – but it’s just general meaningless drivel.

In fact, most people in advanced countries eat too much salt and that is a big contributor to high blood pressure and kidney damage.

The scammer has no samples – she just wants you to pay one penny so she gets your payment card details and then steal more from you or sell those details to other scammers.


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