Which? Launches Scam Alerts

Which? is the UK’s consumer champion, carrying out research into goods and services and providing expert recommendations, campaigning for consumer rights and more.

Now, Which? has launched a free scam alerts to notify people about the emerging scams, how to avoid them and the steps to take if you’ve lost money.

Those registered will receive regular warnings and examples of scams, plus tips on how to spot scams and how they can be reported.

Which? also give advice on how you can get your money back if you’ve been affected by a scam.

Which? is a highly trusted organisation, used by a very large number of people, so this new service can potentially be of benefit to millions of people.

Which? tips to help you avoid being scammed

  1. Legitimate organisations never ask you for your bank details or payments out of the blue.
  2. Never give cold callers your personal information – including address, date of birth, financial information etc.
  3. Banks will never call you to ask you to transfer your money into another bank account, claiming that your account security is at risk.
  4. Scammers will often want to push you to rush a decision and not take the time needed to think it through. So, always stop and think.
  5. If something seems odd, take a moment out to think it through. Check the details and ask a friend or relative for their opinion or find a way to verify or disprove their story.

If you have any experiences with these scams do let me know, by email.

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