What Are Those Time-Wasters Up To Now?

Stop Wasting my Time sign

So, what rubbish emails and calls have there been to Brooklands Radio station in the last few days?

An email offering roof repairs – the roof isn’t our problem as we  rent the place.

An email from someone wanting to partner us in making die-casting machines –  not exactly our line of business. We’re a radio station.

8 very similar emails about tickets and hospitality for the Henley Regatta – but the emails are all from untappedbuyertraffic.com which means they are just lead generation rubbish. If you reply then your details are passed on to numerous people trying to sell tickets to Henley.

Yet another in the stream of emails about vehicle tracking – but it’s really just trying to find out which email addresses are valid so they can be sold to spammers.

A professional email from an IT services company about moving computer servers to the Internet Cloud – not a scam or spam really but irrelevant to us as we’re a volunteer organisation which they would know if they’d bothered to check.

These people just waste our time and clog up the Internet with rubbish.

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