Valentine’s Day Scams

Many scammers try to take advantage of holidays, events or anything in the news and Valentine’s Day is a big target for them.

Scam #1: Valentine’s Day E-Cards

There’s always lots of ads for electronic cards (e-cards) and especially around public holidays. If you want to try sending such cards – it’s better to find a website yourself rather than clicking on an advert.

If you receive what seems to be a Valentine’s e-card then be careful as many are created by scammers and sent out by the million. Rather than clicking the link to see the e-card – hover your cursor over the link and see if it does link to the website you expect. If it does then go to the website (do not click the link) and see if there is a card waiting for you. This doesn’t guarantee the e-card is safe but does exclude most forms of the scam.

Scam #2: Valentine’s Gift Cards

A Valentine’s gift card may seem a good idea and the adverts try to convince you they are the safest way to please someone.

But many are scams so beware inputting any confidential details and paying online. Make sure the site is a reputable one.

Scam #3: Buying Flowers Online

If you look on the Internet there are many choices of flower shop offering to deliver the perfect Valentine’s day surprise, but there are also pop up scam flower shops. Many offer beautiful bouquets at amazing prices (photos copied from a legitimate site of course) and some are taken in by this.

Always pick a reputable seller – preferably with well-known bricks and mortar branches around the country or at least one that has been around for some time and built a good reputation.

Scam #4. Online Dating

For some, this is a time to turn to online dating to look for the right partner. There is a huge array of websites and APPS offering to find your Mr Right or Miss Right, but there are also many new such sites and APPS appearing all of the time. Many of these are legitimate and do a good job but some are scam sites simply looking for confidential information and your credit card details.

Choose a site or APP that has a good reputation rather than a bargain offer.

Once in the world of online dating there are many scammers who post fake profiles and try to hook up with a number of people. They create very appealing profiles but their intention is to form a bond very quickly then start to get money from you – maybe a small gift or help to pay translation costs or money to visit you.

These people will likely research you online by looking at any profiles and posts on social media so they can see what you would like and use that to entice you further into a relationship.

If someone you have never met professes undying love for you then it’s going to be a scam.

Scam #5. Social Media Posts

Posting romantic moments on social media is very popular this time of year – but be careful before you click on any poems, letters , quizzes, surveys etc. directed to you on social media.

APPS on Facebook and other sites are not necessarily as safe as you expect, especially not just because they are about romance.

Stay safe.

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