Update on Those Time-Wasters

Stop Wasting my Time signSo, what rubbish emails and calls have there been to Brooklands Radio station in the last few days?

An email from a company that clearly has a fake name and is supposed to be about a breakthrough in supplements that can rapidly reduce weight. The email even says at the bottom that it came from the guys iPhone. Obviously a simple scam by someone who can churn out rubbish on his IPhone to send to millions of people.

We keep getting emails from Scoot business directory with assorted messages about our profile being out of date or not fully used but really it’s about getting money for having an entry in their directory. No Thanks

 An offer by a Marketing company to let us use their latest healthcare database of verified emails addresses and phone numbers.  We’re not in Healthcare. Our domain name is brooklandsradio – how much more obvious does it have to be that we’re a radio station. Plus the email address they used for the station has been dead for 4 years so that shows how up to date their records are.

A bunch of emails from a re-mortgage company wanting to save us money. But in fact the entire email is bogus – it comes from an automatic email generator and the links in it are random. Most likely they are just searching for Live email addresses they can then sell.

An email claiming to be from Nat West bank and that we have used an incorrect password. The whole thing is fake and the links are to company names that are obviously made up and will redirect to the scammers fake bank website.

These people just waste our time and clog up the Internet with rubbish.


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