Time Wasters

TimeStop Wasting my Time sign-Wasters. These are the people who send out sales emails or make cold sales calls that are inappropriate and a waste of time for you and them. If only they had put in a tiny bit of effort then they wouldn’t have chosen to bother you.

There is an overlap between time-wasters and spammers and cold callers but the difference is that the time-wasters are usually harmless and should have known better.

Some examples from a couple of days of emails and calls to Brooklands Radio station.

  1. Phone calls asking you to answer survey questions. What A waste of time.
  2. Automated PPI calls. Total waste of time.
  3. A caller wanting to speak to the fleet manager. We’re a volunteer radio station – there is no fleet.
  4. Emails about card processing equipment designed for restaurants. We are not a restaurant.
  5. Email about expediting our customer debts. We’re a volunteer organisation – we don’t have customer debts.
  6. Email about an IT support company opening a new office in North England looking for local clients. We’re in Surrey, not North England.
  7. Email from an American logistics company wanting to help us to move our factory production lines. We’re a Radio station – no production lines and even if we did have, then what use is a company that operates only in America? 

And so the list goes on. Dumb people who should have put in a little thought rather than phoning or emailing random people who could not possibly want their products or services.


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