Threats To Get Back Links

Some Scammers will threaten you to create their backlinks or else.

People try all sorts of tactics to get back links to their websites or blogs. Often they are paid by someone to get those links because the more backlinks there are to your website –  probably the higher the website appears on search lists. So, legitimate companies do this but also scammers.

A lot of people do this for perfectly respectable reasons as they want people to see their website or blog but the scammers are in a hurry and use more nasty approaches, sometimes including threats.

An email from Billie Clancy claims he works for Bizcope SEO company in Bangladesh i.e. a company that among other things will try to get backlinks for websites.

He requests a backlist and a 5 star rating for his company on GMB and Trustpilot and offers to provide a backlink to our website in return.

Then he gets nasty

If I do not see a backlink within 7 days then I am create one million toxic blog spam to you”

Then he signs off with “Best Wishes from Bangladesh”.

Maybe he is schizophrenic or just plain stupid.

Never provide backlinks to websites you do not know and trust as you do not want to be linked to criminal’s despicable and often illegal websites

If you have any experiences with these scams do let me know, by email

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