The Washing Water Problem

An email arrived titled “Washing Fruit and Veg Turn Them Toxic”

Bad grammar but you understand the message.

It starts off “Ever bought any inorganic fruit or veg from the grocery store?”

The moron who wrote the email clearly doesn’t know that produce that isn’t organically grown is called ‘not organic’ rather than inorganic which means the items are not made from or derived from living matter e.g. plastic fruit used as decoration.

It continues “The moment you serve or bite into your ‘clean’ food you could be intoxicating yourself or your family”

Hmm – you don’t normally get drunk on fruit and veg.

The email goes on to state that tap water is contaminated and may even have lead in it.

It’s certainly true that people used to get lead poisoning from lead pipes used for water supply but that’s not the case anymore.

The email is supposed to frighten people into thinking their water supply is unsafe and hence they need to either use only bottled water or the new magic solution on offer in the email that turns out to be a water boiler.

It’s all just to get you to click on their website advertising these water boilers.

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