The Visa Swindle

There are some countries you can visit without needing a visa e.g. if you’re a European Union citizen traveling within the European Union. But farther afield it is common to need a visa, which can cost anything from a few pounds to around 200 pounds.

The normal way to get such a visa is to look for the nation’s official website that provides the visa you want. You can start with the UK government website listing visa requirements for various countries.

However, many scammers advertise the provision of visas but give nothing in return for your payment and there are many scammers who do provide visas but try to deceive people into believing that their faked site is the nation’s official site when it isn’t.

They do this so they can provide the visa but charge an unnecessarily expensive amount for it.

Some travel companies and travel agents also cheat in this way – directing people who want visas to a website that overcharges and pays commission back to the travel company.

e.g. A visa to visit Australia is free of charge to UK citizens, but Travel Visa charge between £21.50 and £40 for the visa.

If you want a visa then do make sure you use the official website and not a scam operator.

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