The Rates Rebate Scam

Various genuine companies offer to review a business’s rates situations to see if there are any rebates possible. Some charge for this service and some do the review without charge but want a share of any reductions they recommend.

One very determinedly spamming sender is

Brooklands Radio keep getting messages from them offering:

Claim your refund before it’s too late”.

“You may be considerably overpaying your existing business rates”

“You have no active appeal for your address”

“Brooklands radio identified as paying more than 3 neighbouring premises”.

This is just standard lazy Marketing. They have no idea what rates we pay and don’t care – they just send out the same lies to everyone on their purchased spam lists.

In fact, Brooklands Radio don’t pay rates as we rent council offices.

If you have any experiences with these scammers do let me know, by email.

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