The Pump and Dump Scam

There are reported to have been millions of emails sent out in the last week perpetrating a Pump and Dump scam for shares in a company names Incapta

Pump and dump is a very old scam whereby the scammer picks a relatively worthless and generally little known stock then uses whatever illicit means they can to push up the price as fast as possible. Once the price has risen then the scammer dumps all of their shares in the company and walks away with the profit.

In the old days, the means of pushing up the price was by getting journalists to promote the share in their newspaper and magazine columns.  Also by targeting dealers who could advise their clients to buy the stock.

These days, it’s quicker and cheaper to use spam email campaigns to push up the price really fast then bail out.

Brooklands Radio station has been receiving 1 or 2 such emails about Incapta stock each day.

e.g.  If you’re wondering why I’m emailing you now, out of the blue, after months of radio silence let me tell you that I have a good reason for that.

DO you remember the last time I sent you a tip? It was around November if I recall correctly.

If you bought that stock I told you about back then, you would have quadrupled your money at the very least.

And so it goes on. Some of the emails have stories about insider trading information or about a guaranteed buyout due next week etc.

These are well written emails and each one we’ve received has been from a different name, different email address and different words.

It is all fake of course and highly illegal. Do not buy the stock.

Incapta are nothing to do with this scam – they are just the unfortunate targets.

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