The Parisian Gold Ring Scam


Paris is a beautiful city and generally it’s a very safe city to visit.

But it does have some notorious scams that regularly happen to tourists.



You’re walking along noticing the sights and see someone apparently pick up something from the ground.

They seem to have a ring and they come over to you and show their good fortune as they’ve just found a gold ring on the ground.

They ask if it’s yours.


Then they offer to sell it to you for maybe 50 Euros.

If you’re not interested then the price drops and keeps dropping as they will probably agree to just 10 Euros for the ring.

But even that is a bad deal as the ring is just cheap metal with gold colouring.

Don’t pay these scammers anything.

If you have any experiences with scammers, spammers or time-waster do let me know, by email.

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