The Microsoft Support Scam

microsofts-logoYour receive a call from someone with important information for you – your PC has a virus.

The caller claims to be from Microsoft or another famous computer company or a bank or Internet company and they are calling you to help. I remember that this scam was popular about 12 – 18 months ago but seems to be becoming prevalent again.

Next, they try to convince you to install some special software to remove the virus, but it will actually allow them to access your passwords and account details and perhaps control your PC. Sometimes they charge you for the software or for their ‘help’. Charges between of up to £300 have been reported to Action Fraud. Then they tell you the problem is solved but in fact your PC never had the virus and they may take more and larger sums of money from your credit card.

Legitimate computer companies, broadband providers and banks will never call you out of the blue to say your computer needs repairing or ask for remote access to your device. If you do get such a call, don’t follow their instructions, don’t pay anything.

It’s a scam.

Never divulge your password or PIN to anyone by phone and don’t believe unknown callers.


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