The Danger of Online Pharmacies

Medical professionals receive extensive training and understand the effects of drugs in single use or in combinations.

It is dangerous for anyone to self-diagnose, look up drugs on the Internet then buy from unregulated online Pharmacies. DO NOT put your health at risk in this manner.

The Pharmacies that sell prescription drugs without a prescription are acting illegally.
Online Pharmacies
If you have a valid prescription, it may be tempting to save money by buying from an online pharmacy, but  medicines should not be seen as regular consumer products and fake medicines can cause real harm to your health.

It can be difficult to distinguish between registered online pharmacies and other commercial websites. The General Pharmaceutical Council operates an internet pharmacy logo scheme to identify legitimate online pharmacies so that you can be sure you are purchasing safe and genuine medicines online.

Check for the internet pharmacy logo when buying medicine online.

You can also check the registration status of the pharmacist by looking for the name and address of the pharmacy operating the website, as it should be connected to a “bricks and mortar” pharmacy.

Medicine sold from disreputable websites can be poor quality at best and dangerous at worst. What you receive in the post could be counterfeit, substandard or unapproved new drugs, which can put your safety at risk.

And never reply to spam emails offering cheap drugs. These are mostly scams.

Drugs from an unregistered website could also be dangerous to your health because they may be out-of-date, diluted or fake.

Always get your medicine from a pharmacy or a reputable outlet.

Refer to the NHS Choices website for further information

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