The Cure for Drunkenness

People have been inventing cures for drunkenness probably since alcohol became such a public nuisance a long time ago.

The best cure of course is don’t get drunk in the first place as it’s expensive, damaging to your liver and can lead to stupid behaviour and possibly even dangerous behaviour.

Supposed cures do go back a long way as Martin Fone found out researching his book Fifty Scams and Hoaxes with his story of Antidipso.  (links)

Arthur Pointing, born in 1868, claimed to have found a remedy to cure drunkenness and called it called Antidipso,  made from South American herbs.

He advertised his product to women. “Drunkenness cured. It is now with the reach of every woman  to save the drunkard”.

This miracle cure could be administered in tea, coffee or food without the patient’s knowledge thus secretly curing him.

Pointing sold this product for years and made a fortune, but when analysed there were no South American herbs – just milk, sugar and bromide which can make someone ill if taken with alcohol. But there’s certainly no long term remedy.

There have always been scammers.

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