The 5 Billionth Search Scam

This is a malware site waiting to infect your computer.

It advertises itself as an awards site and your first encounter with this is likely to when you are redirected to a site such as and a screen filled with animated confetti, best wishes signs,  the banner SEARCH REWARDS will appear

It tries to make you believe that it is part of Google and you have won an award simply by conducting the 5 billionth search on Google or sometimes it’s the 9.68 billionth search or some other random number in the billions.

They you have to choose between 3 hidden prizes and much of the screen is made up of testimonials of people who have won similar rewards telling you how wonderful it is.

It’s all scam. Clicking on one of the prizes is likely to result in malware attempting to download onto your computer.

Just shut the page down if you see it or anything similar.

If you have any experiences with these scams do let me know, by email.

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