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Scamwarners Website


www.scamwarners.com website says it is an Anti-Scam & Internet Anti-Fraud Information Centre.

It’s mission is described as :-

  • Increase awareness of internet scams
  • Identify individuals or groups who may be vulnerable to scams
  • Provide accurate and reliable information to victims and potential victims
  • Advise and support those who have been scammed
  • Warn people about fraud on the internet
  • Help people protect themselves against scammers
  • Be the ‘go to’ website for Internet Scam Information

It is set-up as a forum for people to share their experiences over scammers and seek advice from other people who’ve been scammed and from experts who know how to deal with scams.

Scamwarners has a Twitter presence which seems to have been active up to 2014 then no more updates. That is strange as more and more people use Twitter these days to keep up to date.  Scamwarners Facebook link is to a forum posting rather than to Facebook.  It’s link to Google+ shows content ended in 2015.  But It does have a link to anti scam  content on Pinterest.

Perhaps they found a social media presence didn’t really help and went back to concentrating on their forum which is quite active.

There is a lot of content in the forum and people offer help and advice to those who’ve been scammed, but in some sections the content is years old.

The website is worth a look if you want to see if a particular scam letter or email is present or if you want to ask for help on a specific scam.

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