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Trading Standards Scambuster Teams


The Government’s 2005 Consumer Strategy ‘A Fair Deal for All’, set out a commitment to Regional Trading Standards Scambuster teams.

These teams concentrate on doorstep crime, cowboy builders, online scammers, “get rich quick” schemes, large scale scams and more. They work with other agencies to bring the scammers to justice and have had much success in stopping scammers.

e.g. The Scambuster Wales Team, established by Wales Heads of Trading Standards, was launched in April 2009 and is managed from City of Newport Trading Standards with teams of officers based in the North and South of Wales. The team is comprised of dedicated Trading Standards Officers and experienced ex Police Officers, who work alongside officers from the Police, HM Revenue & Customs and other enforcement agencies. They work across local authority boundaries focusing on the hardest to tackle scams and rogue traders that set out to rip people off.

The team has demonstrated new ways of working through targeted, proactive, intelligence led enforcement. There is now much closer co-operation and data sharing between trading standards and other agencies, partly due to the level of criminality the team has investigated.

Q. What do the scambusters team do that trading standards services can’t?

Dishonest activity is not confined by local authority boundaries. The Scambuster team has the ability to work across a region to tackle the more serious cases. Level 2 criminality describes crime which crosses local authority boundaries. The team aims to tackle such criminality by working on behalf of individual local authority Trading Standards Services. In some cases the team acts as an additional resource or it can be tasked by individual services to carry out investigations on their behalf.

Q. How can I get in touch with the Team?

Check on the Internet – http://www.nationaltradingstandards.uk/work-areas/scambuster-teams/ shows a list of the scambuster teams.

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Scambusters.org Have Helped More than 11 Million People Against Internet Scams


www.Scambusters.org is a public service website and email newsletter  that helps people avoid the most common scams and identity theft threats. It was started by  Dr. Audri Lanford and her husband Jim, because

“Being smart is NOT enough to protect yourself and your family so they created a definitive resource to help protect you  from dangerous Internet scams, frustrating spam, and devious identity theft”

Scambusters.org says it has helped over 11 million people protect themselves from Internet scams, identity theft and spam since 1994. The key resource is a free newsletter

The scambusters newsletter has 80,000 subscribers and is very good and the website has lots on how to avoid the most popular scams and identity theft threats.

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