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Radiation Protection Phone Shields

Scammers spread fear over the possibility that your phone emits radiation that can cause illness or even death.

Scientists are still researching the long term effects of electromagnetic (EM) radiation, but there is no evidence of any such problems caused by the radiation from phones or other screen based devices.

It is true that these devices emit EM radiation – that’s how they work. No radiation means they cannot work.

Scammers want to cause fear and offer a solution to it by selling various devices, covers, stickers, addons etc. None of these have been shown to have any positive effect.

Some offer a phone cover that supposedly absorbs the radiation but if that was true the phone wouldn’t work.

Others sell gadgets designed to reduce the radiation, but if that was true then it would just mean the phone would have to increase its output signal to counteract the dampening and so that would be counterproductive.

Some offer little stickers that supposedly stop all radiation – these are simply fake and do nothing at all.

Spending time sunbathing can mean absorbing about 3 times as much as the maximum allowed with a mobile phone.  However, most of us recognise there is a risk with sunbathing and use sun protection.

Cell phone radiation is nonionizing radiation as opposed to ionizing radiation, meaning that it doesn’t break down atoms and molecules as does sunshine.

How to reduce Your Exposure to Your Phone

  1. Turn the phone off when not needed – such as at night.
  2. Do not have the phone near where you sleep if its turned on.
  3. Use hands free where possible i.e on speaker
  4. Use a headset if needed
  5. Text rather than talk
  6. Keep phone call length to a minimum
  7. Put your phone in airplane mode when you can

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