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Stupidest Scam of the Week Magic Scales

There are endless diets on the market. Most are genuine in the sense that people believe in them although in most cases there is no meaningful scientific proof of effectiveness.

There is also a huge number of scam diets on the market – created simply to make money for the seller.

This latest scam offers for sale a scale that ‘definitely solves your weight problems’.

A device that tells you your weight is not going to solve an weight issues.

The message claims that the scale uses latest technology to track your weight over time. It’s controllable by Bluetooth from your phone and IOS and Android APPS.

It’s also claimed to be ultra modern design and available in a range of colours.

The message is from fareginlog.xyz which is not the domain name for a reputable trader.

Maybe the scale exists and maybe it doesn’t – that doesn’t matter as a device that lists your weight over time may be of interest but is not capable of solving weight problems and surely anyone can see that and not be taken in by such rubbish?.

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