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Lorraine’s Battle Over Fridge Insurance

Lorraine is retired. She has insurance against breakdown on her fridge and freezer and other items as it gives peace of mind. This is paid monthly by direct debit to Domestic General. Ltd

Then she received a call from the company about her insurance saying the company had changed ownership but they could start a new insurance policy to cover her fridge etc. and the best deal was to take 3 year cover.

Lorraine is a canny person and questioned to herself whether this was true, but the company knew about her fridge, the direct debit and that she had taken out the cover in 2003. So it all appeared correct and she agreed and paid in advance for the new 3 year deal (at the significant cost of £150).

She told her daughter Fiona about this sometime later and Fiona was suspicious when she found out the original direct debit was still in operation. She checked the documentation and found that the new cover was with Domestic Appliances.

She called them and realised it is a separate company nothing to do with Domestic General Ltd. Fiona tried to get the money back but Domestic Appliances refused to acknowledge the deceitful approach by their caller and refused a refund. They also denied having a recording of the telephone conversation and claimed their staff were well trained and would not engage in such subterfuge.

What to do?

Fiona cancelled the direct debit with the original company Domestic General Ltd. and explained to them what had happened. They couldn’t help but did say that this problem had happened before with Domestic Appliances.

The reputable company Domestic General Ltd offered monthly payment and a contract that could be cancelled whereas Domestic Appliances insisted on payment up front for a 3 year deal and no cancellation.

Unfortunately there seems to be no redress in this situation – no way to get the money back from Domestic Appliances.

Will they provide a good service if Lorraine has problems with her kitchen fridge?

We don’t know.

If you have any experiences with scammers, spammers or time-waster do let me know, by email.

Warning of Insurance Offers


This email is just an example of the many and varied versions in circulation.

Title “Best Life Cover”, Subject “£1 Life Cover – Are You Eligible?”

Then as usual when selling insurance, it highlights lots that can happen in life where you would need emergency funds available.

e.g. What happens when you are no longer around to help?

Or Cover bills and funeral costs to protect your family from financial pressure

Or Don’t leave your family’s future at risk.

The £1 life cover is of course a possibility that would only be available for people in very specific conditions which don’t apply to 99% of applicants.

The email appears to come from a company named clairepier.site which is an odd Internet address as it doesn’t tell you the real company name or business.

Near the bottom of the email it does specify that BestUk Life Cover is just a tradename for a company called eProspects Media DMCC which presumable owns the name clairepier.site

The problem with all of this is not whether the actual insurance offer is real, but that the email is from a Marketing company using a tradename that sounds like Life Insurance  and advertising a promotion from another insurance company.

If you actually want life insurance – contact the insurance companies directly – do not go through these Marketing companies.

They get commission on sales so the policies will never be the best.