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Stupidest Scam of the Week – Gun Magnets

“Store your gun safely and securely on any surface with this gun magnet that holds up to 25 lbs.”

This is a serious advert and suggests you can keep your guns anywhere – under your desk, on the side of a bed, in your car, under a table etc.

“The IronClad gun magnet provides gun owners the ability to conceal their weapon and to fast draw it in seconds when needed”.

Maybe people like spies need to have guns hidden under tables, on the side of a bed or in their car, but no-one else.

Apart from law enforcement professionals, having guns available outside of locked containers – ready for fast draw is to invite accidents and death.

Are people really this crazy? Perhaps so. The people selling such devices must know they are contributing to the death rate but presumably don’t care as long as they make money.

That’s very sad.

If you do have guns then keep them securely locked away.

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