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The US Esta Scam

UK residents make around 4.9 million visits to USA each year.  The vast majority of those visits just need an ESTA form to be filled in and submitted. These give the visitor 90 days of access to the USA.

Some scammers target specific things such as people who need to travel to the USA and formulate a scam to try to catch those people.

They rely on sending out huge volumes of these scam messages in order to catch enough people to make the scam worthwhile.

The message is from mailer @applymyesta.com

“This e-mail is in regards to your Travel authorization to USA. The ESTA Visa which you need to travel to The United States of America has expired and needs to be renewed.

Kindly, visit the website https://www.applymyesta.com/usa/esta/apply# to renew your visa or to put in a fresh application.


It is a scam website that will steal your confidential information which then gets sold to other scammers or to identity thieves.

If you need an ESTA for a visit to the USA then find the correct government web site – never trust the links in unsolicited emails.

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