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The Cellulite Cure

Email titled “Finally: You Can End the Embarrassment of Cellulite”

“Stop cellulite from running your life.”

“Naturally eliminate every single trace of cellulite from your entire body, permanently, in just 21 days.”

Then comes the supposed proof by listing quotes from satisfied customers, such as:-

“I jump out of bed each day with joy. I had never felt sexier in my entire life”

“The spark is definitely back in my marriage”

There is a link to click to watch a video which will reveal how a special protein can turn your cellulite skin silky smooth.

This is all just a scam of course.

There is no such protein.

The email is not from a medical establishment or a pharmaceutical company but from managehealth.download which is an Internet address intended to be used for downloading software or media etc.

And the last part of the email is the usual sections taken from a random book hoping to fool the Internet service provider spam filters.

It’s all rubbish.

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