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Blank ATM Card Scam

This scam appeared as a comment on the Fightback Ninja blog – clearly the scammer was chancing his luck or just dumb as dumb can be.

There’s a long boring story about how he lived on the streets in Las Vegas, then his luck changed.

He saw an advert for a blank ATM card that can be used to used to hack any ATM machine in the world.

He contacted the hackers selling the card and they were experts on repairing ATM machines and programming them and knew exactly how they worked. The hackers then taught him all of their tricks and now he can get money from any ATM machine he wants to use.

Some scammers seem to enjoy telling their ludicrous stories and this one certainly has a very high opinion of himself, pathetic repulsive criminal that he is.

There is no such ATM card and ATM machines are incredibly hard to defraud, whereas gullible people are much easy to con.

Don’t be fooled by any such adverts or people claiming to have a magic answer to making money – crime is crime and if you follow that path you will be found out and suffer for it.

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