Stupidest Spam of the Week Magic Vision

“Scientists: Vision Problems Have Nothing To Do With Your Eyes”.

This is a typical scammer headline on an email. It’s designed to catch your attention, so you read the message.

There is a colourful graphic of a brain, which looks good but shows nothing of any value.

Then some more dramatic statements

Even brain doctors were left in complete awe…”

“They just couldn’t believe vision problems has absolutely nothing to do with the eyes”.

“Vision problems are a symptom of another hidden condition”.

It’s obviously rubbish, as anyone who wears glasses to correct their eyesight can tell you their vision problem is definitely their eyes and that’s why glasses work. If the problem was not their eyes then glasses would have no effect.

So how can anyone with more than two brain cells be pulled into this pathetic scam?

That’s the only mystery.

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