Stupidest Spam of the Week Magic Sounds

Listen to one sound for 60 seconds and you will have all the abundance you want in your life.

Yeah! Right!

As if some magic sound can instantly manifest all the wealth, love, perfect health and happiness you can imagine.

The explanation for this in the email is that

Your history teachers LIED…

Our beloved ancestors were not primitive. Far from it. 

The mystics and shamans and medicine women of times past held the secret of a sacred healing sound”

“In just 60 seconds, manifesting your every wish becomes so simple and so quick”

This fantasy continues as the scammer clearly got carried away with her writing.

So, if people in the past had this magical power – how come their life expectancy was decades less than ours now, massive numbers died of smallpox, cholera and a wide range of diseases now only known in textbooks, few could read or write and most lived under Feudal law where they basically had no rights.

The email ends with a reminder that for hundreds of years powerful forces in the Vatican and governments around the world have kept this secret buried.

Pathetic and sad to think that anyone could conceivably fall for this utter rubbish.

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