Stupidest Spam of the Week Immortality

The email title is ‘Immortality Possible?’

Obviously, the answer is no, but scientists are making progress in understanding the factors that can lead to longer lives and in particular to longer lives in a healthy state.

However, this scam email is not about science – just a series of buzz words to try to get the readers to click to buy a bottle of magic elixir.

It starts off talking about the fountain of youth – perhaps been watching too many old movies.

Then says it’s about an ancient superfood. That word superfood is just a Marketing term – it has no meaning.

Then the email switches to phrases such as “powerful antioxidant” which is intended to impress, but then  dark chocolate, vitamin C and beans for example are also powerful antioxidants.

Then it moves on to the Aztecs then a Japanese longevity secret lost since 1596 and so on.

All lies of course – the scammer just wants your financial details to sell to other criminals

There is no fountain of youth except in comic books.

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