Stupidest Spam of the Week Coronavirus Fever Detector

When you go to the doctor, he or she may check your body temperature and that usually means a glass thermometer under the tongue or in the armpit or use of a digital thermometer.

This is because the doctor needs to know your core temperature not the temperature of your skin, which can vary significantly.

If you’re rushing you may get a little warm and your skin will try to cool you down by pushing that heat to the skin surface where it can be cooled. If you wash your hands then your skin will be cooler and so on.

This latest scam is about a magic watch that can detect a fever and hence tell you if you have Covid-19.

The title of the message is

“Insanely Popular “Coronavirus Fever-Detection” SmartWatch Finally Arrives in Our Country”.

It goes on about not putting peoples lives in danger by having a fever and not checking it.

It is simple technology for a watch to have a temperature sensor and tell you the temperature of your wrist but that will vary significantly during the day and depending on your activities and is not a reliable place for getting a core temperature reading.

Even if people do make such watches they will useless, but most scammers simply sell an idea and have no product of any kind.

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