Stupidest Scam or Spam of the Week Magic Pain Relief

Scammers love to offer some latest magical way to stop pain, because it’s an easy sell. So many people have long term pain that modern drugs are either to addictive for or cannot resolve so they look for alternatives.

Ancient healing technique backed by Harvard”.

The email has pages of junk such as:

How a 70 year old woman with crippling arthritis in her knee can now walk pain free”

“How one woman was able to stop her cholesterol meds”

“You can even rub away diabetes”

“Destroy all viruses”

The magic is supposedly in the ancient technique used by all parents that when a child bangs  their knee for example – if you rub it, that blocks the pain sensation so the child feels less pain.

But of course it’s not a cure in any sense – it just a temporary way to block pain signals.

Severe arthritis is painful because of damage in the joints – so reducing the pain sensation may be helpful but only works for the seconds you rub and does not cure anything so no-one with arthritis can possibly be cured by this.

As for eradicating viruses from your body or curing diabetes by rubbing – that is pathetically stupid.

Of course, if you check at Harvard University there is no such study.

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