Stupidest Scam or Spam of the Week Heart Tar

Scammers have pounced on another ancient medicine and claim magical effects for it from curing almost any disease to removing all plaque from your arteries instantly.

The ancient Indian Ayurvedic holistic system of medicine uses many ingredients as supplements and medicines that are little known to Western medicine.

One such ingredient is Shilajit which is a black substance found  in some rocky areas in the Himalayas and is thought to be largely decomposed plant remains.

It does contain a lot of chemicals and has been used for centuries in Ayurveda but there have been very few scientific studies of its effects so it’s largely a case of some people claiming various properties for the substance and as yet there isn’t the evidence to prove or disprove them.

The scammers claim that within days “your heart will be pumping like it did when you were 20 years old!”

There is no evidence for this and it is clearly impossible – just a claim from a scammer.

The scammers also claim there are no side effects whereas the limited studies carried out have identified many side effects known to have happened to takers of the substance, including  hormone imbalance.

It is likely the substance has some beneficial effects on health when correctly prescribed, but as with all such medicine there will be problems and it is not a magic pill.

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