Stupidest Scam of the Week – Transport to China

Andee of Hyun Logistics in Guandong, China want to know the date of my next shipment to China and can they offer a lower bid for the work.

Email Marketing can be effective for some businesses BUT only when they buy contact information from a reputable source and are able to select businesses for whom their products and services are relevant.

We are a radio station so we don’t ship goods to China so why would anyone in their right mind send such a request to us?

Because, like so many people they are lazy and stupid. They think it’s a good idea to buy 100 million email addresses for $200 and send out that many emails. They know perfectly well that the messages are irrelevant to 99.999% of recipients of the emails but they don’t care. It’s cheap and easy and let the recipients decide what to do with the emails.

Sending emails from China means they don’t have to comply with GDPR rules or anything similar.

I hope they get zero business from their emails and a lot of complaints.

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