Stupidest Scam of the Week Pepsico

Shamaa Gaber of Pepsico LLC procurement Operations calls us a valued supplier.

She has a request for us. But first she complains that she called the number on the website and got no answer. If we were a trusted supplier then she have the direct phone number of course and know the name of the person she’s sending emails to, but she doesn’t know either.

She wants a quotation on supplying to Pepsico as per our company stated products.

Clearly this is a general purpose scam sent out probably by the million random email addresses. The sender has no idea of what products we sell, if anything.

As a radio station, the request is obviously a scam but hopefully anyone else would also realise it’s fake.

The email has lots of details over several pages but it’s all a bit wrong – written by someone who has little idea what the words mean.

e.g. Categorically the invoice submitted must be completely identical to the supply order. Any differences between the two must be explained.

Two items cannot be both identical and different at the same time.

Shamaa’s job title at the bottom of the email is ‘Execution Professional’ – sounds like an assassin rather than a purchasing manager.

The point of the email is not to get a quotation for some random product but to get the recipients to click the link that says “General Requirements”. That is the link to a malware site.

No thanks.

If you have any experiences with these scams do let me know, by email.

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