Sky Women

Sky Women ( is a non-profit community service company that offers a one-stop helpline, Information and Support Centre for victims of 419 scams/ cyber fraud within South Africa and Global.

The company’s aim is to take action against 419 scams/ cyber fraud on social media platforms and thus protect its potential victims by creating public awareness through its 419 Scam awareness campaigns, pro-active prevention, education and support of scam victims in South Africa. \Most of their guidelines apply equally to anyone any country.

Sky Women also offers scam awareness and education presentations at schools and on “Talk shows” as well as presents a series of television programs to inform the public about the danger of 419 scams/cyber fraud and the supportive role that Sky Women NPC plays to assist scam victims.

Sky Women say they are very much about the psychological damage caused by being scammed as this can be worse than the financial loss in many cases.

Sky Women team has understanding when it comes to the mental abuse, manipulation and impact of scams on a victim. Similar to victims of violent crimes, victims of economic crimes suffer mental and emotional abuse as well as stress-related physical effects.

The effect of victimisation on a scam victim can be like “psychological mugging”.

Sky Women is a non-profit community company and was been formed in direct response to the “high increasing” number of scam victims on social media platforms within South Africa, it encourages all institutions and government to participate in the fight against scamming and cyber fraud.

The website contains educational material about scams and staying safe plus stories of people who have suffered due to being scammed.

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