Roger Annies and the Royal Mail Opt Out


Roger Annies was a good neighbourhood postman in South Wales.

The Royal Mail have an opt out service for people who don’t want unaddressed mail from their postman.

(for how to register – go to

Royal Mail don’t advertise this service as they make a great deal of money from delivering Marketing mail..

Roger Annies was asked by his customers how to stop the junk mail and he created his own leaflet and distributed it to his customers.  Mr Annies was disciplined after Royal Mail bosses discovered he had delivered his own leaflet to houses on his south Wales round highlighting the little-known opt-out clause which can stop unwanted mailshots.

He was suspended on full pay but the subsequent publicity led tens of thousands of people to join the direct mail rebellion. After a national outcry over this, he was reinstated, but was told he would not get his old round back and was relegated to a sorting office job.

The Direct Marketing Association said 200,000 extra people had signed up to the Mailing Preference Service, which removes people’s details from companies’ mailing lists, in the month after Mr Annies delivered his leaflet.

Royal Mail said it did not have specific figures but its switchboard had been jammed with callers wanting to find out how to stop so-called “door to door” items.

Mr Annies drafted his leaflet after being inundated with complaints about junk mail. The note read: “You may have noticed your postman now has to deliver anonymous advertising material called door to door items. This means a lot more unwanted post in your letterbox. “You might be interested in reducing your unwanted mail and reduce paper usage in order to help save the environment. If you complete the slip below and send it to the Royal Mail delivery office you will no longer receive door to door advertising items.”

Bad Royal Mail.


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