Reiki Energy Healing Scam

Reiki is an ancient Japanese art of energy healing.

It is quite common in the West nowadays. It’s quite easy and cheap to learn and very relaxing to practice. For many it does work, but that’s not to say that it works for everyone though.

Reiki is taught by various Reiki schools across the UK and is usually taught over a weekend some bookwork but mostly hands on practice and exercises.

However, it is like many ancient arts something that must be taught by a person face to face not through a bunch of PDF documents on the Internet.  You cannot learn energy healing from a PDF – you need a person in front of you to demonstrate and to know whether you’re doing it right or need further guidance.

There are numerous lazy stupid people – scammers and spammers who will jump on any new thing and try to make money from it for their own benefit and so is the case with Reiki.

A recent email titled “Hollywood Crazy Over This New Esoteric Practice”

Trying to sell this by use of celebrity endorsements is ridiculous – Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman, Sandra Bullock use Reiki according to the email. Plus Phil Mickelson the golfer, Doctor Oz and more.

Top sports people like Phil Mickelson maybe add a little credibility to the story (his name was probably picked at random by the scammer) but actors – they are not generally seen as the most level headed or intelligent types so why should anyone believe a product is good because of a celebrity endorsement?

If you want to learn Reiki – contact a Reiki school and learn properly and do not be conned by the scammers and spammers sending out millions of pathetic emails.

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