Raffle House Website Review

The website is https://rafflehouse.com/

It is literally about people raffling houses. This might seem a foolhardy thing to do but sometimes for whatever reason it may seem too difficult to sell a property the normal way and perhaps selling a great deal of raffle tickets can solve the problem. The winning ticket gives its owner the house and the sellers get the ticket money which may be more than the value of the property.

However, you can instantly see all sorts of problems with this idea – the most obvious one being that unless enough tickets are sold, the sellers are onto a loser.

There are fake house raffle websites but this one does seem to be genuine.

It is linked with Sterling Lotteries as running a raffle of this kind is really a form of gambling and Sterling Lotteries have the licences for that.

Their terms for the raffles state that If enough tickets are not sold by the end date then the end date may be moved so the raffle can continue.

If not enough tickets are sold when the raffle ends then the winner may get a cash prize which could be 75% of ticket sales minus costs.  There may be runner-up prizes as well.

It is not easy on the web site to discover how much the raffle company makes from the raffle process so if you intend to sell a house this way – do get all the relevant information before signing anything.

You will find other websites raffling houses, but most are one-offs created for just one sale.

If you choose to try this  – buy a ticket and you may be lucky but don’t go buying thousands of tickets expecting to win – that’s not how raffles work.

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