Microsoft OneDrive Digital Vault

If you use Microsoft OneDrive for storing documents, photos etc. on the Internet then this is for you.

Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage service includes a “Personal Vault” for sensitive files. These files are encrypted and protected with additional two-factor verification.

OneDrive Personal Vault works on Windows 10, Android, iPhone, iPad, and the web.

Every installation of Windows 10 includes access to 5 GB of free cloud storage in Microsoft’s OneDrive. So, if you haven’t made use of it – you can do so for free. If you need more than 5 GB then you have to start paying.

If security has been a concern for you over storing confidential documents etc. on the Internet, then you could try Personal Vault.

The Personal Vault is a section in OneDrive and it encrypts any document you place inside the vault. (this is done through BitLocker)

To access the Personal Vault needs an additional authentication such as through your mobile phone.

Once opened, you have access (inactivity causes a timeout after 20 minutes then will need to repeat the authentication)

Note that document stored in the Personal Vault can’t be shared with anyone. Even if you share a file and then move it into the Personal Vault, sharing will be disabled for that file.

This feature is useful for storing sensitive documents such as like tax returns and bank statements, receipts, a copy of your passport or driving license, and private photos.

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