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This email is titled “In Just 2 Weeks You Can Have a Mind of a Million Dollar Jeopardy Champion

So, it’s obviously a ridiculous scam.

Then it goes on “Have you seen the film Lucy?”

I have seen the film and it’s very good – the star takes a drug and it unleashes hidden powers in her mind, but it is of course pure science-fiction.

The scammer wants us to associate that idea of mental growth with what he’s offering which is a “top-secret and highly controversial brain training trick” created by a 104 year old ‘off the grid’ professor that has been proven to unlock hidden brain power and effortlessly improve memory, focus and concentration in as little as 14 days.

It also claims to protect against Alzheimer’s.

Then comes the warning part of the scam, to demonstrate its validity.

It’s shown to be so powerful that high IQ organisations like Mensa have banned their members from using it

Now, my super power brain powers tell me this is just a pathetic scam.

Lucy was a good film but pure science fiction and no-one should believe such rubbish as a trick that unlocks “hidden brain powers”.

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