Lead Generation Companies

lead generation

One big source of spam emails is lead generation companies.

These people are paid to create leads for a business to follow-up.

For example, suppose you have a new product – “pre paid funeral plans” was one that we received a lot of emails about recently.  You can try to find sales leads yourself or outsource to a specialist business that guarantees to find as many leads as you want. And it only charges per lead found.

Sounds a good deal.

Probably this works well sometimes, but often its more about the lead generation companies sending out vast amounts of emails or making huge numbers of cold calls. They don’t have a reputation with the public to bother about – so it doesn’t concern them if they annoy people or waste a lot of people’s time.  If they can provide leads then they make money.

This is why high pressure sales tactics are used.

If you’re in business and you’re going to use lead generation companies – do find out who they will contact and how. Also how they incentivise their staff and what rules they have to stop contacts being pressurised   into things they don’t really want.

Use lead generations companies with care !

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