James Veitch The Scammer Teaser

James Veitch is a comedian who has a lucrative side-line in making videos of himself responding to scam messages.

He plays along with the scam and engages in ridiculous conversations until they eventually give up but that can take a while as these criminals are determined to part you from your money.

The videos are funny and have crazy graphics to keep you engaged and they work – millions of people watch them.

For example, James receives the message:-

“Hi Phil, my name is Andrew. I’m one of the tenants at 11 Dover Place. I’ve been told you the person to contact regarding upkeep, maintenance etc.”

James does reply and tell him he’s not the person but he refuses to accept that so James then strings him along.

The guy is complaining about the apartment being too hot and wants a thermostatic valve fitted.

James then replies that he cannot do that but he’s having his builder visit on Wednesday to remove one of the windows thereby solving the heating problem and the conversation continues with the guy increasingly worried that a window is to be removed.

It’s handy being a comedian and James has a lot of fun with this and the scammers who contact him but anyone can try this and enjoy wasting the scammer’s time.

James has a series of these videos called the scamalot series at the mashable website www.mashable.com and those plus more on YouTube. www.youtube.com.

Have fun watching and you will learn about scammer tactics and how to have fun baiting the scammers.

Have you tried teasing, provoking, annoying or otherwise wasting the time of these stupid scammers? If so, do let me know, by email.

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