Instant Photographer Scam

Photography is one of those things that everyone can do a little and nowadays most of us carry smart phones that include a reasonable quality camera. People upload around 300 million pictures per day to Facebook and around 95 million photos are shared on Instagram every day, almost all from smart phones.

But, being able to take a reasonable picture is a world apart from being a qualified professional photographer.

The scam email starts off with the typical scammers opening warning to catch people’s attention.

Did you know that pro photographers are FURIOUS about this site?

Then comes the sales pitch


“Because it shows normal folks like you and me (the underdogs) the true secrets of photography”

“Meaning you can take photos like them without formal training.”

“It’s no wonder guys are saying the site should be banned”

It continues like this for paragraphs.

The email appears to be trying to sell you a video training course and maybe it’s a good training course although the chances are against that as reputable sellers don’t use scammer’s language.

More likely is that the training video (if it exists) is just cheap rubbish put together by a scammer. Once she’s got your money – she won’t care whether you can ever take decent photographs. Don’t waste your money.

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