Insanely Rich Cryptocurrency Trading

Cryptocurrency scams usually offer riches through buying the currency and the sales pitch is about how many people are Bitcoin millionaires and the supposed continuous rise in value of all cryptocurrencies.

This is lies of course as the price of the various cryptocurrencies rises and falls dramatically and many people have lost large amounts of money. Though it is true that there are many who have made millions from Bitcoins in particular.

This latest scam offers a supposedly risk free way to invest in cryptocurrency , not by buying it but by using a new automated system that invests money for you and makes at least £1,270 per day profit for you, for 20 minutes of work.

That would be great if true, but it’s lies of course.

Currency trading in any form is gambling and there is no guaranteed way to win.

Plus, automated systems are terrible at guessing whether a commodity will rise or fall in value, as so much of the value depends on human judgement of the future.

Guaranteed profits – but only for the scammers.

Never trust a get rich scheme that claims to be 100% successful.

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