How To Grow New Balancing Cells in Your Brain

This scam targets people with a weakened sense of balance. This normally means elderly people.

First of all – there is no such thing as balancing cells.

You learn at school that the semi-circular canals in your inner ear respond when n your head changes orientation and that information passes to the brain and you recognise that your head has changed position.

There are no secrets to this.

The email claims that “Scientists can’t explain why this insane method passes every lab trial…”.

It goes on to say that 856 Vertigo patients were tested and each of them had to eat this weird fruit every morning for 2 weeks.

Supposedly, the results were unbelievable and each participant had an increase of up to 97% in new balancing cells.

I’m sure you’ve heard of this outstanding breakthrough No?

That’s because it’s all made-up.

The scammer wants you to click a link to see proof.

It’s all ridiculous. There are established ways to treat people with recurrent dizziness or vertigo and eating so called ‘weird fruit isn’t going to do it.

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