Further Investment in Burial Plots


Back in April 2016, I published a post about an investment company offering burial plots in Rainham Cemetery as an investment. “Buy now before the cost  goes up” and sell back when bereaved people are desperate for a plot. A very nasty business.

The original post is at https://fightback.ninja/test/this-is-nasty-investment-in-burial-plots/ 

MoneyMail has been investigating Harley Investments who claim 40% returns in 2 years on burial plots. (article published on October 5th, 2016). It turns out that the men who run Harley have developed Get Rich schemes before and not delivered as promised.

The two men running Harley were linked to number of companies that sold an investment in allotments and there have been other such ‘investments’. The allotments investment has people who’ve been waiting years to get anything back and the location of the allotments hasn’t been built up as promised – it’s just empty unused land.

The management of Harley Investments claim they are just the victim of bad luck and delays, but the investors are still waiting and in the meantime the men involved continue with new ‘investment’ plans such as burial plots.

This is a very nasty business – trying to make money from bereaved people desperate for a burial plot.

How could you sleep at night if you were part of this?

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